Joyce Keefner is the guiding force behind Back Woods Bed & Breakfast. Originally from Eastern Oklahoma, her parents' old homeplace borders the north side of the property.

An accomplished artist and architect, the Back Woods ranch house was designed by Joyce. Her paintings, which hang on the many of the walls, range in style from modern to traditional. Many of her painting subjects are Indian (both American and Asian), and if you are interested in Native American culture, there are literally hundreds of books in the ranch libraries that can nurture and expand your knowledge.

Our family genealogy is complex. On our mother's side, you will find Choctaw and Cherokee, as well as links all the way to the original Bradfords. On the paternal side, our heritage is German, with our great-great-grandfather Adam coming over from Bremen from Bavaria. Genealogy is a fascinating hobby and with the emergence of the Internet it has become even easier.

For a long time Joyce and family lived in Houston where Ed (our father) worked as a petroleum geologist (graduate of University of Oklahoma, B-24 navigator, and avid golfer). Ed passed away some years ago and our family has retained the house and ranch where our mother now lives (and runs the Bed and Breakfast!)

Here is some genealogy. My great uncle Lafayette was quite the character. Rumor has it I am related to Kirstie Alley.

Joyce Keefner
B.7/3/32 Minco, OK

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